Meet Krist

Krist is a self-taught artist from Singapore.  When she was young, she wanted to enrol into an art school after her O' levels but the financial difficulties in her family led her to start work at a young age.  Over the years, she has self-taught herself in many forms of arts & crafts and none of them could keep her interest going.  It was in 2017 when she and her friends chance upon a resin sculpture, that sparked her interest in this medium and she never turned back since. 

"Resin keeps me alive!  Every day I wondered what can be done using resin.  Even when I saw a photograph of a landscape, I'll think to myself that I can create a piece of resin art using those colour palettes.  Or when I saw a sculpture, I think I can create something with resin!  The possibilities are endless!" 

Ever since, Krist has been trying different techniques with resin and throughout this while, she has never stop trying anything new.  

To her, creating a piece of resin artwork is very therapeutic and every creation is a surprise when it is completed.  She hopes that you can discover the wonders of resin with her.