Frequently asked questions

Will the resin artworks last forever?

Yes they will. The only thing issue with resin is that resin will yellow over time. We recommend you to keep the artworks out of constant direct sunlight and do not store them in a place with extreme heat. Heat and constant sunlight will cause the resin to yellow.

What happens when my artwork becomes yellow over time?

We can give your artwork a "refurbishment" to give it a brand new look. Contact us to discuss this further because this is our little secret!

Do you offer instalment payment plans?

Yes we do! We understand the prices of the artworks can be pricey but it takes a lot of work and time to get each piece done and resin is expensive! Contact us to discuss a payment schedule that you are comfortable with.

What happens to the leftover preserved flowers?

The flowers that are not used in your art piece can be sent back with your artwork upon request. Request must be made at the time of flower delivery/collection. If you want them returned to you air dried it will be an additional fee of $18 - $28 per box (depending on the sizes and amount of flowers left). The dried flowers are stores in boxes with silica gel to keep them dry. Our way of preservation does not allow them to be left in the open as they will continue to absorb moisture in the atmosphere and they will turn brown and loose their colours.

How do I send my bouquet of flowers to you?

You can have them sent to us or we can arrange a pick up at an additional $20 charge.

Can we send dried flowers to you to create an artwork?

Yes! If you have meaningful flowers that are air-dried and as long as they are free from molds, we can create artworks for you!

I received my flowers a few days ago, can you still preserve them?

Yes we can. However, for flowers that are starting to wither or turn brown, these will still be visble after they are preserved. They can still be used in the artworks if you do not mind.

Can you preserve my wedding venue arrangement flowers as well?

Yes. We can do an on-site collection together with your bridal bouquet. There is an additional fee for this service.

How do I make a booking?

You can either submit your request here, by email or through WhatsApp.